This article appeared in the Damon & Pythias Press Book put out by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1962:

  "The chill wind of Rome in December blew around the shorter than short tunic of actor Guy Williams who was hanging by his thumbs from a post, awaiting death at the hands of a squad of archers.

  "We're a lucky lot, this generation of movie actors," he said, squirming.

  "Everyone dreams of wandering around the world at one time or another but few of us really make it.  People save for years for just one little trip.  Yet here we are doing what we like best, working at our craft while other people pay the airline tickets.  He squirmed a little more and added, "I wish they'd fire those arrows, and get it over with.  It's cold up here."

  Williams was being interviewed while in Italy, where he co-starred with Don Burnett in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's "Damon and Pythias;" historical movie based on the classic legend of the two men whose friendship made their names a household phrase.

  Despite his Welsh name and New York birth, Williams felt entirely at home in Italy.  Both of his parents were Italian and they spoke only their native tongue to their son until he was old enough to go to school.  When he went to Rome for the location filming, he found he could remember the language of his childhood without difficulty."



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